Naval Officer turned Yoga Warrior.  I teach Yoga, Wellness and Meditation designed around the things you do in the real world. Every day, you bend down and pick things up, you put things over your head, you sit down, you stand up, you wait in line.  You eat meals, you go about your day.  I teach yoga and wellness to help you make the most of your body and its abilities, to stop ignoring the body and instead listen to what it has to say.  My passion and my purpose is to help people maintain a healthier body, forming the foundation for more resilience to stress, greater mobility of the joints and less pain. This wellness philosophy isn’t just a style for the young and bendy-every BODY can do this, and my students are a combination of military members, young teens, baby-boomers, older adults, moms and more.  Able to provide modifications and props to enable anyone to benefit from this ancient practice coupled with modern scientific principles, I encourage my students to feel at ease with an approach that is both compassionate and practical.  I encourage my students to ‘get out of their own way’ and allow their own healing powers to inspire each practice. 


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