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Military and Yoga?  What gives?

While the two disciplines may seem dissimilar-they both share a lot of similarities.  They both require discipline, perseverance and resilience.  Both my Yoga and Military training have been synchronous in developing a calm, alert mind, so that decisions can be made in high-pressure environments with clarity and focus.  Increasingly, research has shown the benefits of yoga and meditation on reducing stress, improving sleep and generating a sense of well being and wholeness.  Over the past 16 years, I have come to recognize as a Veteran the importance of balancing the needs of my military responsibilities with the ability to shed those stressors to maintain equanimity and calm.  This expertise in helping my students achieve that mental state through yoga is my passion and my mission.

What does nutrition have to do with any of this?  A whole lot, actually.  Turns out "you are what you eat" isn't just a cliche. My approach toward nutrition is that food is the fundamental healer of the body.  I take a personalized approach that takes into account an individual's current health level when assessing their needs. Together, we build a plan to eat the foods that deeply nourish and help you feel your best.  I urge against categorizing foods as "good" or "bad": as long as we focus on a nutritious diet in general, there is room for every single food in the American diet.

And finally, why the firefly mandala?  First, a mandala is a classic symbol of wholeness.  Symbolizing unity and harmony in a general sense, the individual mandala's meaning varies based on the symbols contained within it.   The firefly silhouette carries with it a whole wealth of symbolism.  This rather mundane, ordinary insect is actually a remarkable (and beautiful) illuminator of the night.  This apparent contradiction points to the fundamental meaning of the firefly: things are not always what they appear on the surface.  What appears common and unassuming, is in reality a shining beacon, bringing illumination into dark places.  Taken further, it can be seen as a lantern of enlightenment in the darkness of ignorance, bringing hope and guidance.  


Love and Light, my friends!

  • RYT 200 Yoga Alliance


  • RYT 60 Yoga for Amputees

  • RYT 20 Chair Yoga

  • AS Exercise Science/Nutrition

  • MaED History

  • Administrative Officer, SUBPAC UWO

  • 10 year Active Duty Veteran, current Drilling Reservist

  • Trainer at Adapted Fitness Center, Glendale Community College.


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